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Melbourne Translational Genomics Platform

The Melbourne Translational Genomics Platform (MTGP) leverages the genetic and genomic sequencing capabilities of the CTP to make these technologies more readily accessible to researchers, clinicians and students across the precinct.

It has evolved from the long-established client-focused Sanger sequencing service offered by Applied Genetic Diagnostics in the Department of Pathology to include genomic sequencing through the acquisition of an Illumina HiSeq2500, MiSeq, and the establishment of the Herman Chair of Medical Genomics.
Expanding upon the broad vision of the Centre for Translational Pathology, the MTGP hopes to accelerate the adoption of genomic technologies into our research and teaching programs and into clinical practice by providing researchers, clinicians and students with a broadly accessible University-wide, genomic platform and user training.



The MTGP offers a range of Massively Parallel Sequencing services; contact Kym for more information.

Contact Kym Pham, Platform Manager
Phone:  +61 3 9035 7865
Fax:     +61 3 9348 2952


Contact Leakhena Leas
Phone:  +61 3 8344 3438
Fax:     +61 3 9348 2952

Capillary electrophoresis service

Clients perform their BDV3.1 cycle sequencing reactions (fluorescent labelling) and submit the dried extension product in a 1.5mL tube clearly labelled with sample ID for electrophoresis. We also require client details (name, lab/department, email and billing information) and PCR product size (if applicable) with each sample submission.

Turnaround Time

By close of business next day. (Samples are required before 4pm for next day results, though we do operate on a first-in-best-dressed basis).

For plate submission we can provide you with a 96 well template.


$5.85 per sample, ex GST

Reaction and electrophoresis service

Clients supply a sample of their purified DNA template and primer in separate 1.5mL tubes. Each sample must be clearly labelled with sample ID and be accompanied with details of DNA concentration (ng/ul) and primer concentration (uM).
NOTE: It is imperative that the customer provides information regarding template size and type (i.e. PCR product, plasmid) as this will determine the amount of DNA we require to set up each sequence reaction. Generally we use 100ng per kilobase of DNA. Please also note that when determining the amount of DNA required, the entire plasmid size must be taken into account and not just the insert.
We require at least 2ul of Primer at a concentration of 5uM per reaction.
Please note that we set up 20ul reactions and therefore the total template volume should not exceed 10ul.

Turnaround Time

By close of business next day. (Samples are required before 11am for next day results, though we do operate on a first-in-best-dressed basis).


$12.50 per sample, ex GST.

A forward reaction and a reverse reaction will be considered as two samples.

Fragment Analysis / Genotyping

AGD also offers a fragment analysis service, involving the capillary electrophoresis of fluorescently-tagged PCR products. Please contact us for more information of acceptable labels, fragment sizes and for pricing information.


$5.85 per sample, ex GST.


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